We believe that models are the most powerful learning devices available to adult learners. They build a lens through which to view a complex system. They allow us to see an entire picture as a simplified and coherent construct.

Most of the billions of dollars and millions of hours spent every year by international business wind up making matters more complicated. Complicated slows us down, distracting us from what is important. Great models are memorable and versatile. Most importantly, they should be easy to apply and create clarity when it's missing.

Complex formulas and methods are hard to remember, hard to apply, and hard to teach others. We forget something if it has too many elements. When we can't remember something, we can't use it. If we don't use it, we lose it. We want our tools to make organizations more effective by being simple and effective. Fast and simple makes a team more nimble -- an essential quality given today's pace of change.

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