GOALS | Where Are We Going?
  • Strategy and Connecting All the Parts
  • Creating Mutual Goals that Work
  • Listening and Reacting to the Voice of the Market

TALENT | Who's Taking Us There?

  • Finding the Best and Keeping Them
  • Developing Real Leaders at Every Level
  • Managing the People Asset [Diversity, Succession, Compliance, Performance Management]
  • Coaching and Mentoring

CULTURE | What Do We Believe and How Do We Act?

  • Assessing Who We Are and Who We Need to Be
  • Building High Trust
  • Creating Respect
  • Learning to Commit
  • Accelerating Change -- What We Need to Do About It
  • Working in Teams that Actually Work

PROCESS | How Do We Get There?

  • Six Sigma -- A Logical Methodology for Improvement
  • "BiFrum": Sales Trainings
  • Why Truly Putting the Customer First Can Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Negotiation Systems that Create Victories for All
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Management Tools [Motivation, Time, Stress, Conflict, Decision-making, Teamwork, Effective Communication, Project, Effective Meetings]
  • Merger and Acquisition [Human Capital, Due Diligence, Synergy Assessment]
  • IPO Deliberations

COMMUNICATION | We Can't Do Anything without Communicating

  • Listening, Clarity, Openness -- The Foundation
  • Working with Boards and/or Investors
  • How Effective Leaders Think, Talk, Write, Act

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