Trustworthy individuals and organizations are:
  • Self-aware and empathetic -- they have a realistic view of themselves and are sensitive to others
  • Honest and consistent -- they always follow through on their commitments
  • Genuine and open -- their words and actions are true and congruent and they avoid being enigmatic or mysterious
  • Loyal -- they keep confidences and they support others when not in their presence
  • Handle conflict directly -- they are honest in confronting issues and they see the futility of assigning blame
When you've taken the time from putting out the fires of the day, you may be able to think strategically about matters such as performance improvement. And when you do have time to ponder this important question, what solutions do you consider?

There is no shortage of theories on the subject of "doing better." Gurus and consultants usually have concentrated on complex formulas, technology, quick fixes and flavors of the day.

We know there is a more lasting solution. In these next pages, we at HCap International are going to talk about what helps and hinders success. We believe that the various overly complex methods or 'waves' should be permanently replaced with a model that focuses on the only true and enduring competitive edge: the ingenuity, creativity and drive resulting from committed people, Human Capital. We call that model the HCap Success Model, a model that is the antithesis of much that is going on today. It's not complex and it's not, gasp, high tech. It does, however, help you answer key leadership questions.

So, consider those leadership questions:

  • How can I get my senior executives and managers to lead rather than to manage?

  • How do I get a team commitment from shared goals coming from a single vision?

  • How do I create in my people a feeling of value?

  • How do I make my people better so that the organization can reap the necessary benefits?

  • And the final question is the biggest one: why do companies have such a hard time getting positive answers and results for all these questions?
HCAP International Final Wave

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