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You Can't Kill A ...

Christine Becick ...


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You Can’t Kill All the Men is a business leadership book, aimed at women and men who sometimes do not communicate with one another effectively.  It is a humorous “fable” of sorts, telling the story of two people who attend a business conference.  While there, they encounter the business experts whose lectures we’ve all sat through, react very realistically to each other in their thoughts, go on conference “outings” such as a cocktail reception, golfing, or a rafting experience, and eat delicious foods – whose recipes are included!  Its primary target is women in business, but we believe men will also read it – or be given it. Since there are really no “new” business leadership concepts, this book is aimed at letting people discover for themselves some truths through both characters’ actions and thoughts:

  • Because men and women think and communicate differently, care must be taken not to stereotype or pre-judge;
  • Too much contemplation of issues or people is probably as bad as too little;
  • Gender differences are real and recognizing them will enhance your success; and
  • It’s possible to learn and laugh at the same time!

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Distance To The Green: A Caddy's Lesson in Life, Business, and Golf by Gary Abram


Golf Illustrated; January, 1998

"A new book by Gary Abram and Bob O'Byrne applies the lessons of golf to life and business in a unique and challenging way. Distance to the Green: A Caddy's Lessons in Life, Business and Golf charts a path for goal attainment and provides readers with an everyday list of principles to obtain personal and business success."

USA TODAY, July 11, 1997 in their "Best Bets" column

"Wouldn't it be a swell world if playing golf made you better at your job? Distance to the Green: A Caddy's Lessons in Life, Business and Golf… follows Scotty, a college golfer with natural ability and an arrogant attitude. Forced by his coach to spend the summer caddying for the rich, he carries the bag of Bob O'Brien, who serves up life lessons and business acumen. A book for those who want to win, in life and on the course."

Contact Gary Abram for details to purchase.

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