The client company’s job classifications were out of compliance and failed to match FLSA requirements. HCap preformed an HR audit and internal corrections saved the company thousands in back pay and wage/hour penalties.

"I asked Chris to help me with some serious organizational problems among my executive staff . . . The exercise was a resounding success, resulting in significant improvement in both communications and teamwork."

"I recommend Chris Becicka to your organization with the highest confidence. She is a highly-skilled, talented, agreeable professional, who will add value to whatever organizational initiatives are appropriate for your team."

Martha Gershun, President

"Our agency has been working Gary Abram and HCap International since March. We asked Gary to design and present a series of sales workshops . . . we are half way through the program and could not be happier. Gary has exceeded our expectations. With sales persons, sometimes the best measure of interest is who shows up as the sessions continue. No one has missed. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the program."

Dick Thompson, Vice President
Cline Wood Agency

"I give Chris Becicka my highest recommendation and would be happy to talk further to you about her. There are many consultants and trainers out there -- I've hired many of them before Chris. I plan to continue working with Chris simply because she does what she says, when she says, and she does it very, very well. You should hire her, too."

Lavon Winkler, Vice President, Engineering
Butler Manufacturing Company

"Gary has constructed and implemented professional development programs focusing on improving organizational effectiveness, shared vision, leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Gary tailored these programs to address the unique needs of our company. I believe that the programs have been extremely beneficial to staff at all levels within our company and have greatly enhanced awareness and stimulated a shared vision. Gary has the unique ability to understand the specific operating environment of the company for which he is providing professional development . . . I can recommend Gary Abram to your company without exception."

W. Thomas Cotton, President and CEO
Texas Medical Liability Trust

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